Pursuit's Covid Safety Promise is our commitment to the safety and well-being of our guests and staff. Through this program, we will ensure that everyone feels safe at our experiences so that the power of our places can shine through.

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Safety First is our #1 Core Value


Pursuit's Safety Promise is our commitment to the safety and well-being of our guests and staff.  

Through this program, we will ensure that everyone feels safe when visiting our restaurants and cafes and that these places can continue to make a positive impact. When you decide to visit us, you can feel confident that you’ve made the right choice.

SAFE: Ensure adequate physical distancing
  • In all our restaurants, we will reserve empty tables between guests.
  • As directed by Alberta Health Services, we have limited restaurant capacities, with no more than 50% occupancy.
  • All guests must wear face masks that cover their mouth, nose and chin within our public spaces. This excludes while seated at your table for the purpose of consuming food or drinks.
  • To limit waiting for tables, we strongly encourage advanced reservations.
  • In our public spaces, you'll see our team helping to ensure we all work together and that everyone flows through the spaces appropriately—particularly at washrooms and restaurant entrances.
  • Our staff will assist with buffet-style options by taking orders and plating food on behalf of guests.
  • Some of our other transmission-reducing tactics include Plexiglass barriers, personal protective equipment for staff and a contactless payment option.
  • In our kitchens, we have staggered schedules to limit workers to one station, increased mandatory personal protective equipment for all staff and will maintain physical distancing between staff members.
  • At the beginning of each shift, we will be screening our team members for illness. Staff accommodations will also have restricted occupancy.
CLEAN: Heighten hygiene and sanitation protocols
  • We have introduced increased cleaning protocols with Health Canada-approved cleaners at all our shared spaces and in the washrooms at our restaurants. Cleaning of all these spaces will be frequent and thorough.
  • You’ll also find hand sanitizer stations throughout the restaurant.
  • We will provide single-use menus or laminated menus which are fully disinfected after each use.
  • In staff spaces, we have improved and enhanced our cleaning protocols. We have implemented staggered lunch schedules and removed chairs to promote social distancing in the lunchroom.
INFORMED: Rigourous staff training and communications
  • We know how important teamwork is to keep our staff, guests and communities safe. All of these distancing and cleaning measures need to be clearly communicated so they can be successfully implemented.
  • Our staff onboarding and training is more rigorous than ever. We are always evolving and improving.
  • Our on-site signage and pre-arrival communications aim to be clear and straight-forward. We aim to ensure both guests and staff support these measures.
  • We have new protocols for guest and staff illness reporting and management to help ensure healthy people stay that way.
  • We are committed to ongoing engagement and collaboration with our industry and governmental partners, ensuring we are aligned in protecting our guests, staff and communities.
PEACE OF MIND: Taking a positive approach
  • We believe travel makes the world a better place. It creates strong connections in unexpected ways, builds communities and strengthens our understanding and empathy. Now more than ever, it’s time we all work together.
  • As practitioners of exceptional hospitality, we’re committed to inspiring those around us. We value optimism and so we smile and incorporate laughter and joy into our experiences.
  • We believe these remarkable places have the power to heal and inspire. We are grateful to live and work here. We invite guests to join us in experiencing the power of these iconic destinations.
Working Together

Our teams are diligently implementing these distancing and cleaning initiatives in collaboration with our local, provincial and federal organizations.

Below are some of the standards that we have drawn from to ensure our Safety Promise meets or exceeds health, industry and governmental recommendations and regulations. Since these best practices and regulations continue to evolve as new information is released, so too will our Safety Promise.

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