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5 cool things we learned about the Columbia Icefield Skywalk

Your favourite Banff locals are back! This time, Connor and Logan are conquering the Columbia Icefield Skywalk.

First, we set them loose with a GoPro on the top of the Banff Gondola. Then, there was their adventure to the Columbia Icefield. This time, they stepped out on to the Columbia Icefield Skywalk.

Here are some of the things they learned.

  1. It's close: The Columbia Icefield Skywalk is only five minutes away from the Columbia Icefield.

It was a short and quick bus drive from the Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre. Once they saw the glass walkway, Connor and Logan glanced at each other, eyes wide with excitement. They could barely hold their excitement as they stepped off the bus. Connor almost escaped before we had a chance to attach his GoPro!

  1. It's interactive: There are cool educational stations and guides to answer any questions.

From audio samples that contain educational components about the native wildlife in Jasper National Park to stations focusing on the Glacier, there's a lot to learn. If you are still curious like Connor and Logan, interpretive guides are on hand to answer all your questions. Stick around and see a presentation about a particular specimen. Connor and Logan got to feel the fur of a bear and compared their hands to a life-size bear paw.

  1. It's really, really high: The drop is over 200 metres high!

It was more than a bit thrilling, all that was separating them and the jagged valley is a single section of glass. Reassuring right? Even Connor and Logan took a deep breath before they stepped into the abyss.

  1. It's super strong: A single square inch of the glass can hold over 1000 pounds.

That fact still doesn’t deter most people from the initial fright of walking on glass. For Connor and Logan however, it meant the perfect reason to jump as high and dance as fast as possible around their moms.

Connor thought the moms weren't very brave. “You two are the scared-est humans I ever knew,” he said.

  1. Signs of wildlife: You may be lucky to spot mountain goats and other wildlife.

The Columbia Icefield Skywalk is situated in a national park and there are plenty of opportunities for spotting wildlife throughout the trip. Mountain goats are especially prevalent. Connor and Logan got to see them licking salt off the rocks and gliding across mountain cliffs they wouldn’t dare stand on. If you're lucky, you may witness a bald eagle soaring through the wind.

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