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Few places in Canada can rival the Athabasca Glacier, the Sunwapta Valley and the Columbia Icefield. Every day, we work to honour this incredible place where we live and work. We are committed to being strong stewards of the Columbia Icefield. As a visitor, here are a few ways you can help us work towards our sustainability goals.

  1. Take the bus. Make the journey from Banff or Jasper on a comfortable coach with Brewster Sightseeing. You'll be able to relax, learn some fun stories and save gas while you're at it!

A bus drives along a road next to a large lake below a tall mountain.

  1. Bring your own mug. When it's time to take a warm drink from our cafe and sit outside to soak in the view, bring your own mug and help us reduce waste!
  2. Bring your own water bottle. You'll be wanting to scoop the incredibly fresh water straight from the glacier. Bring your own water bottle and help us cut back on plastics.

A person brings a water bottle down to water flowing from ice.

  1. Carpool. By sharing the ride with friends, you'll help us all reduce carbon emissions!
  2. Come early or late. When you're driving during peak times and the highway is really busy, it can be stressful for wildlife— especially if there are "bear jams" and increased traffic. If you drive the parkway early in the morning or later in the day, you're more likely to see animals in a better scenario. For more information on sustainable wildlife viewing, see our tips here.

Two people sit on a rock, looking towards a glacier between tall mountains.

  1. Book your tickets online. No need for paper!
  2. Go digital. Opt for online resources and tools rather than collecting paper brochures. Again, skip the paper!
  3. Go local. When it's time for a meal or a snack, head to a restaurant that serves locally-sourced cuisine. And if you're taking a bite to eat for a picnic or a snack later, be sure to bring a collapsible silicone container for the takeaway.

A dinner plate arranged.

  1. Listen and learn. When you visit the Columbia Icefield, bring an open mind. Learn from our interpretive guides, ask questions and delve deep into the educational component of the experience. There's so much to learn!

When it's time to leave the Ice behind, we hope that you've had a meaningful experience and that you can carry the story of this incredible place home to share with friends and family. Together, we can all make a difference.

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