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Video: Connor and Logan On the Loose at the Columbia Icefield

We've been having a great summer exploring the Canadian Rockies with our local friends Connor and Logan. They are Banff boys, both going into Grade 3 at the local school, and they are lucky to have this incredible place as their backyard.

After that 'busy' time on top of the Banff Gondola - and the amazing success the video had (more than 65,000 people have seen it so far), we decided to invite them up to the Icefields Parkway to experience the Athabasca Glacier. 

First, we strapped the GoPro back on to Logan's head. Then, they began their expedition by climbing the Athabasca Glacier on a giant Ice Explorer. Logan hung out of the window, eyes scattering with stimulus. His smile was beaming with excitement. Connor tried to climb over him several times in an attempt to get the window seat. Their laughter constantly erupted the back of the bus.

Then, they drank some of the freshest water on earth - straight from the glacier. It tasted pure, no treatments, no plastic. Just clean and clear water.

It can be slippery out on the ice! Running full blaze on the ice without a care in the world, ignoring the lack of grip most adults were feeling.  

“Logi, Logi, wait up!” Connor would say every time Logan found something new. 

We learned about crevasses and mountaineering from the interpretive guides. One table laid out on the ice showed the kids the gear they'd need if they want to go climbing on the glacier when they're a bit bigger. In the distance, we could make out ice climbing guides exploring deeper into the glacier. They looked like stick figures amidst the grand landscape. 

We did our best to keep up!

The iconic Columbia Icefield Adventure is a journey of massive discovery, on to one of the largest non-polar icefields in the world. Your kids are going to love it here too! Discover more on our website. And stay tuned to see where Connor and Logan go next!

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