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The Ice Explorers provides all-terrain mobility to transport up to 56 passengers. Their low-pressure tires are massive! These buses can be used to take people both on road and off-road. They have extra large side and top windows that provide greater all-around visibility. It's a comfortable and thrilling ride!


  • Height: 3.86 m (12 ft 8 in) 3.86 m
  • Length: 13.0 m (42 ft 8 in)
  • Width: 3.61 m (11 ft 10 in)
  • Weight: 25,000 kg (55,000 lbs)
  • Tare: 19,500 kg (43,000 lbs)
  • G.V.W.: 25,000 kg (55,000 lbs)


  • Engine
    • Three 1980s vehicles: DDA 6V92TA (DDEC), 253 HP
    • All other vehicles, except refurbished units: Detroit Diesel 60 series (DDEC), 250 HP
    • 2012 to 2017 refurbished units: Mercedes-Benz 240 Series (Tier 3), 330 HP
    • 2018-19 and future refurbished units: Mercedes-Benz 4R/6R 1000 series (Tier 4), 280 HP
  • Transmission
    • Clark 34000 Series Powershift
    • Allison 3000/4000 series fully automatic with Transmission Retarder (Refurbished Units)
  • Suspension
    • Front: Leaf spring
    • Rear: Walking beam
  • Axles
    • Rockwell Drive Steer Planetary front; Rockwell Planetary rear
    • Refurbished units: Axletech MX Series Front Drive Steer and RS series single reduction for rear
  • Tires: Alliance Tires 66 x 43.00 x 25
  • Brakes
    • Air over hydraulic front drums; air rear drums
    • Refurbished units: Air over hydraulic front disks; air rear drums


One quarter of vehicles in Pursuit's Ice Explorer fleet at the Athabasca Glacier are extra-long, with special wheelchair lifts. They can comfortably carry up to two wheelchairs at a time in addition to the regular 56 passenger seats.

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