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There are a lot of people feeling excited about Open Top Touring hitting the roads of Banff. At the top of that list, for sure, is Leah Corbiel. Along with her team, she's been working on these unique new tours for more than a year now. And with launch day upon us and these one-of-a-kind tour vehicles hitting the road, the Guest Experience Manager is expecting heads to turn around Banff.

From taking pictures out of the open-top roof to the jaw-dropped looks from pedestrians as the super-cool vehicle drives by, Leah says there's a lot to be excited about.

"This tour has something for everyone, especially if you're looking for that truly fun and unique photo," she says. "It's energetic and interactive. It's informative and the sights are just incredible!"

A historic photo of a tour bus parked in front of a stone building and snow-covered mountains.

Inspired by the Past, Adapted for Today

The team at Open Top Touring took inspiration from the classic "Old White" vehicle that the Brewster family used for touring in the Canadian Rockies in the 1930s and re-imagined them to fit modern times. These vehicles have that classic swanky feel, they're one of a kind and custom-built just for us.

And in terms of pivoting and responding to the unprecedented needs of the summer of 2020, the Open Top Touring team is all about safety right now.

Capacity will be at 50 percent so guests will have lots of room. The vehicle will be cleaned after every tour so that guests can relax and enjoy without worry and masks will be available in case you forget to bring your own.

Each row of seating has its own door allowing guest separation and the driver to really deliver that personalized service.

A tour guide holds a tray of drinks

Roof Off and Weather Proof

The removable roof means guests can really enjoy the spectacular sights along the route in Banff, and look up at the peaks above, Leah says.

"And if the weather is not as nice, we can just put the glass roof in so all the sights can still be enjoyed," she adds.

The ability to stand up and take photos from the open roof at some of the most iconic sights in the Canadian Rockies means you'll be "the envy of all your Insta followers."

Stories Galore

As guests journey around the top sights in Banff, Leah says they'll be treated to entertaining and thoughtful stories from guides about the people and places that make Banff so unique. Everyone on the team has a deep love for Banff and is keen to give guests an insider scoop of what’s happening now, she says.

A selfie of a woman on a boat with a conifer forest behind her.

Photo: Leah Corbiel, Open Top Touring Manager

"We're telling the story of Banff through the years, what's changed and what has stayed the same," she says.

"In order to take guests on a journey from past to present, the drivers will be in an 1930’s inspired uniform, telling stories using lingo and music of the era," she says.

Whether it's your first time in the Rockies or if you've been to Banff 100 times, Leah says you're going to learn something new and feel inspired.

"Our goal is to have everyone leave the tour thinking, 'Wow! I learned, I had fun and I got the best picture,' she says. "This is the tour to see and be seen!"

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