Banff Jasper Collection

With 6,641 square kilometres of iconic scenery waiting to be explored in Banff National Park, effective transportation is important.

Over the past few years, Pursuit, Roam Transit and the Town of Banff have worked together to reduce traffic congestion and overall vehicles within the park, specifically on routes to Banff’s major attractions like Lake Minnewanka and the Banff Gondola during peak season. This partnership illustrates Pursuit’s commitment to community, Promise to Place, and the company’s dedication to a mass transportation partnership.  

During the 2022 summer season (May to September), 33 per cent of Banff Gondola visitors used mass transportation. This number is projected to increase to 48 per cent in 2023 based on information from Roam, in the process removing more than 100 tons of CO2 from the environment. The initiative has shown a decrease in vehicle traffic on Banff Bridge, improving the commuting experience for visitors and locals alike. Guests travelling on Roam to and from Pursuit’s Lake Minnewanka Cruise also increased by 400 per cent this year (2,000 in 2021 to 10,000 in 2022).  

In addition to using its own fleet for a seamless passenger experience during peak demand, Pursuit also supports Roam with funding on partner programs for staff and guests to further encourage rider adoption and transportation mode shift. 

Pursuit strives to work and play with others who value authentic interactions and crave a deeper knowledge of the world around us. To ensure that happens, the operation of Pursuit properties and experiences is guided by "Promise to Place.” The promise outlines a responsibility in managing impact on the environment, fostering respect for people and championing communities.  

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