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At Pursuit, we champion the communities we operate in. We remain dedicated to our responsibilities of limiting our environmental impact by sourcing local products at our restaurants, hotels and attractions in Banff National Park.

“Sustainability is always at the forefront for us, so we’re always looking to keep footprints small and support local as much as possible,” says Martin Brenner, executive chef for Banff Jasper Collection, noting this commitment is part of Pursuit’s Promise to Place.

Promise to Place is a commitment that guides our operations. It helps keep us accountable in three focus areas: Stewardship, Respect and Community.

Partnerships with local farmers

“Local farmers anywhere in the world are the engine behind the economy,” Brenner says.

Brenner explains that being located in the mountains results in “local” being a few kilometers from Banff, where the climate is more hospitable for growing crops and produce. Banff Jasper Collection maintains close ties with these partnerships and maintains a line of sight on new innovations in the industry, such as vertical growing in Calgary. Sourcing from trusted local vendors allows us to utilize top-quality, fresh products, but also maintain knowledge about where each product comes from, how it’s grown and the environmental practices of each business.

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Local produce makes all the difference

Brenner believes there’s something special about local produce, which is cultivated by the motivated young families who are dedicated to growing it. On the culinary side, Brenner notes the advantage of working with local farmers to produce products specifically for Pursuit, such as different varieties of mushrooms from Red Forks Fungi east of Calgary.

The soil in Alberta is incredibly fertile, Brenner notes, and the quality of local produce is unmatched. “Sourcing locally not only delivers a better end product to guests, but it creates less environmental impact since it doesn’t have to be shipped long distances. We further limit our environmental impact by having all local produce transported through one supplier, rather than having each farmer deliver it directly, which would create additional emissions.”

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Meet a few of the partners

In Banff, our partnerships range from top-notch beef to baked goods and coffee. Visitors flock from all over the world to try the province’s beef, and a partnership with Alberta Beef allows that to happen.

“The region is flourishing,” Brenner adds. “We are recognized worldwide with the artisans we have here.”

Bare Bistro is a family-owned business that creates fresh cookies and sweets daily for Pursuit’s Brewster buses and attractions like the Banff Gondola, Columbia Icefield, and Lake Minnewanka Cruise. Le Chocolatier in Canmore also supplies Pursuit restaurants and retail with freshly made chocolates.

Banff Jasper Collections beverage partnerships include Jolene’s Tea House and Banff Roasting Company. Jolene is part of the Brewster family, Brenner notes, and her products align well with Pursuit’s philosophy and focus on sustainability. "Working with her ticks all the boxes,” he says.

Brenner is part owner of Banff Roasting Company in addition to his role as Executive Chef — what he does in his spare time, he says — and the company creates special blends for Banff Jasper Collection that guests can purchase to take home. Banff Roasting Company uses organic beans and funds of the sales flow back into the community.

“Supporting the community is very important to us,” Brenner says. “And, of course, using short delivery ways, keeping products very fresh and using sustainable packing materials to keep the footprint as small as possible.”

Whether you’re a guest visiting this bucket list destination, or you call Banff home, visiting and supporting local businesses has a profound impact not just on the environment, but on the local economy. For those passing by and moving onto their next adventure, checking out local businesses is one of the best ways to acquaint yourself with and connect to a new destination.

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