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Nadine McIsaac, a vibrant member of the Jasper community, is not just our director of operations at seven local hotels but also an integral part of the community service initiatives in the area. Led by her passion for volunteer work, she has been part of many impactful projects through the Jasper Community Team Society, serving as a director on their board.

A lifeline for the vulnerable

Founded in 2004, the Jasper Community Team Society is a non-profit organization fostering community well-being through events and programs. “It's often referred to as kind of like the fund of last resort. It’s for people who are really struggling and don't know what to do or where to go,” says McIsaac, underscoring the critical role of the community team in supporting those in need.

A heart for giving back

When asked about her motivation for volunteering, McIsaac echoed a sentiment familiar to many: the desire to give back while emphasizing the importance of supporting those in need within the tight-knit Jasper community. The community team, she explains, serves as a vital support system for underprivileged and vulnerable individuals who may not have access to essential resources.

“Being able to help people that granular really makes a difference in their everyday life,” says McIsaac.

Nadine McIssac poses for a photo. She is smiling and wearing a blue sweater.

A journey rooted in connection

McIsaac's journey in Jasper began over two decades ago when she visited from Nova Scotia for a summer, and never left. “I got really connected to the community and the ability to just kind of walk out the door and enjoy trails, hikes, lakes and mountains,” she says. “It's just kind of all right here.”

Empowering the community through action

Her commitment to community service is reflected in her involvement in local initiatives like leading the Halloween Fun Run, which not only raises funds for mental health support but also fosters community cohesion. “You put on your Halloween costume, you meet downtown, go for a little run, there's some prizes, and then we raise money for mental health issues in the community,” she adds.

Building bridges through collaboration

Despite living in a small town, McIsaac's volunteer experience has exposed her to a diverse mix of individuals on the board, fostering new connections and broadening her horizons. “It’s a way to meet new people with different roles in the community,” she says.

Envisioning a brighter future

Looking to the future, McIsaac envisions a more organized and impactful approach to fundraising, with a focus on community engagement and events that bring people together beyond just monetary contributions. She also highlighted additional community efforts, such as facilitating access to programs like 'Santa’s Anonymous' and organizing Christmas Day dinners for those without family nearby.

A community dinner with lots of people in a banquet hall.

“There's a group of local volunteers that the community team supports in cooking a Christmas dinner for whoever wants to come,” says McIsaac. “Last year Pursuit donated around 10 turkeys and about 300 people showed up on Christmas Day.”

Guided by generosity and compassion McIsaac 's commitment to community service demonstrates how a dedicated individual can make a profound impact on the lives of others. As she continues to navigate her roles both as a leader within the hospitality industry and in her community service, McIsaac is excited for the future and finding new ways to leave the world a better place.

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