Banff Jasper Collection

The scenic majesty of Banff and Jasper national parks is breathtaking — from the soaring snowcapped peaks and ancient glacial icefields to the towering old-growth trees fringing dazzling blue-hued lakes. Exploring the natural wonder of the Canadian Rockies promises unforgettable adventure, made even more meaningful when enhanced with stories, lessons and learnings that bridge past and present.

At Pursuit, we enjoy front row seats to these moments every day, as our guests travel from around the world to visit our iconic and unforgettable attractions. They experience wonder and amazement, all while checking a cherished item off their bucket list. We also get to witness full circle moments in the most serendipitous places.

Enriching education: purposeful programming in every adventure

Programming for Pursuit's attractions and tours is designed to go deeper, inspiring our guests to ask questions, learn more and leave with a greater understanding of the ecosystems, history and Indigenous cultural heritage that contributed to the awe-inspiring landscapes we know today. Guests visiting Banff or Jasper seek authenticity and context, are often enthusiastic to learn about area ecology and wildlife conservation, including environmental threats and sustainability initiatives in place to combat them. As such, our guides are conservationists, interpreters, and storytellers passionate about showcasing the beauty of our national parks by deepening the connection between people and place.

Two children read educational singage at Jasper Skywalk

Pursuit training for new guides is a comprehensive program encompassing ecological and cultural elements unique to each attraction and tour. Through knowledge sharing, the art of storytelling and Indigenous-led workshops, our guides learn about the people and events responsible for shaping our land and human history — fostering a genuine understanding and respect to impart to our guests.

Human history: inspiring storytelling to ignite curiosity

Our guides weave Indigenous culture throughout the Maligne Lake Cruise, speaking to the surrounding mountains and Spirit Island's ceremonial significance for the Stoney Nakoda Nations since time immemorial. At Lake Minnewanka, guides also share stories about the area's first inhabitants, including the meaning behind its name, which translates to "Lake of the Spirits," and how European settlers eventually transformed the shoreline into a thriving tourist village.

"The views were amazing but more surprising — and the best part of our trip — was learning about the First Nations use of the area and history. Our guide did a phenomenal job with this, and it's clear her meetings and workshops with the Stoney Nakoda have greatly impacted her and, by extension, us. Keep up this important connection." — Pursuit Guest, 2023

Postcard-worthy sights and the trailblazing mountaineers and colourful characters who put the Canadian Rockies on the map as a world-class outdoor recreation destination are brought to life by Pursuit's magnetic Open Top Touring guides, who, wearing authentic period costuming, embrace the essence of the era in look and exuberance.

Guests aboard an Open Top Touring Bus take in the view

"The stunningly scenic tour was made even more special by our guide, who was very informative while bringing humour and charm. We learned about the local flora and fauna and the history of Banff, including how it was founded and the requirements to stay in the area. If you are considering things to do in Banff, then we cannot recommend this tour enough." — Pursuit Guest, 2023

Sustainable tourism: leading learning by example

Lessening our environmental footprint by championing sustainability, implementing responsible management practices, and partnering with sustainable tourism leaders like GreenStep Solutions is a priority across Pursuit's Banff Jasper Collection tours and attractions. At Columbia Icefield, guides are well-versed in the area's ancient glacial geology, ecology, and fascinating human history, as well as our initiatives to minimize energy, waste, water consumption and overall carbon footprint.

Participants listen to a Cooks with Stones speaker

By educating our guests on sustainable tourism practices and encouraging them to consider their environmental impact and make responsible choices, we can lessen our footprint and help protect our national parks for generations to come.

"I greatly appreciated the respect and contextual reference given to our Indigenous communities when learning the background of this area. I can truly say that I came away from this experience more enlightened and knowledgeable about glaciers, mountains and icefields and the global impact of these systems. I will continue to learn and alter my practices to help preserve this ecosystem for as long as possible as I continue to be inspired by the beauty and magnificence surrounding me. I am a little prouder to be Canadian after this trip." – Pursuit Guest, 2023

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