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Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen, Jasper, Alberta, Canada, T0E 1E0 (780) 852-0683
Jasper’s deepest canyon

Six Bridges. Endless Exploration.

Maligne Canyon is the deepest canyon in Jasper National Park, plunging more than 50 metres at certain points. Hikers of all abilities can explore this incredible natural landmark by crossing six bridges built across various points of the canyon. In the winter, explore the depths of the canyon and get close to frozen waterfalls and ice caves within its deep walls.


A Gentle Hike

For those looking for a gentle hike, head over the First and Second bridges. The Second Bridge is the highest point of the canyon, standing more than 50 metres above the canyon floor.

Going Further

Venturing further will take you to the Third Bridge, which is the best location to see a spectacular frozen waterfall in winter and makes for the perfect photo opportunity.

A Longer Trek

Those looking for an extended hike should continue all the way to the Sixth Bridge for endless exploration and more spectacular sights.

Top 6 Hiking Experiences

Take a short hike down the canyon from the Wilderness Kitchen to observe the natural rock formations and large dry potholes.
Observe the mosses and lichens on the canyon walls and birds all around. Try to spot an American dipper as it swoops down to feed on underwater insects. Check for black swift and raven nests on the canyon walls.
Watch as the river becomes wider and gains in water volume by the time you reach the Sixth Bridge, near the junction of the Maligne and Athabasca rivers.
Marvel at the deep canyon, the waterfalls and the power of the churning, swirling river that created it from the First and Second bridges. Watch the water that disappeared at the Medicine Lake flowing into the Maligne Canyon through the underground cave system from the Fourth Bridge.
Walk along the rim of the canyon to the subsequent bridges. With a number of interpretive displays along the way, there are learning opportunities galore!

In winter, explore the canyon from a whole new perspective! Icewalk along the frozen canyon floor on a guided tour. See the entrance to a cave system, ice caves, fossils and towering frozen waterfalls stretching far up the canyon walls.
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Delicious food meets breathtaking views at Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen. Stop by for grab-and-go fare, including deli-style sandwiches, hearty salads, bakery treats and cafe favourites. Pick up a to-go meal or snack to enjoy on the trail, or kick back and relax on our canyon-side patio.

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