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Gateway to the Canadian Rockies

Nestled at the foot of the spectacular Rocky Mountains, Calgary is the city that connects peak and prairie. This is a city of diversity; where the lively cultural scene includes art, theatre, music and dance; and where Rocky Mountain adventure is a way of life.

Museums and heritage sites, as well as a world-class zoo and botanical gardens, make Calgary an exciting place to visit—and of course the city’s proud Western heritage is nowhere more evident than in the Calgary Stampede, held right in the city every July.

Just an hour from Banff National Park, the cosmopolitan city of Calgary bustles with an energy and excitement you’re sure to find contagious. As part of your Rocky Mountain tour, you’ll find it the perfect link between the sophisticated urban and the awe-inspiring grandeur of the mountains.

There are a variety of exhilarating tours and trips in or from Calgary, explore Banff and the Rockies, Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventures, Banff ski or snowshoeing trips and much more.

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