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The Jasper Canadian Rockies Half Marathon captures the heart of Jasper —a place where community ties are as strong as the towering peaks that surround it.

A celebration of community and nature

The Jasper Canadian Rockies Half Marathon, taking place on April 27, is not just about running; it's about celebrating the vibrant spirit of Jasper’s community and supporting a cause close to our hearts. For Pursuit team members participating or cheering others on, it’s our Promise to Place in action. Hosted every spring, this event welcomes participants of all ages and abilities, inviting everyone to join in the celebration of Jasper's natural beauty and active lifestyle.

Chelsea McBride, a casual runner and regular participant in Jasper events, shared her thoughts on what inspires her to lace up for this race. "I started running casually in my early 20s and have been doing it off and on since. There are multiple events in Jasper throughout the year that give people an opportunity to get out and participate in running events like this, and I find it gives me good motivation for a short-term goal. The trails around Jasper are so beautiful and running is something I find I can do on my own with my dog; all I need is a good pair of shoes and some music." McBride is also Banff Jasper Collection by Pursuit’s people and culture manager.

A group of runners together on a road.

Supporting local initiatives

"It’s just a great local event to participate in," McBride shared. "It brings in a lot of people from outside of town, and it’s always great to go to the event and see so many locals as well. And knowing that part of the proceeds go to a local charity or organization is so great for our community. This year the funds are going to the Jasper Healthcare Foundation."

How you can participate

Participants can choose to run 21 km (the half marathon), 10 km, 5 km, or 1 km. Whether you're a seasoned runner, a volunteer enthusiast, a family looking for a fun inclusive outdoor activity, or someone looking to give back, there are multiple ways to participate in the Jasper Half Marathon.

A woman crouches with a dog at the top of a mountain.

McBride reflected on her experiences with the half marathon, saying, "2017 was the first year for this event in Jasper, a handful of friends and I signed up for the 21 km event. We trained for a few months leading up to the event, and we all managed to finish and run the whole thing. I think I am still recovering from that run! But I have been participating in the 10 km every year since, as well as most of the other 10 km running events hosted in Jasper throughout the year."

Join us in Jasper

Mark your calendars and join McBride and other participants in experiencing the thrill of running in the Canadian Rockies. Whether you're a local resident, a visitor, or a family seeking adventure, the Jasper Half Marathon promises an unforgettable weekend filled with camaraderie, natural beauty, and community spirit. Let's run together and celebrate the spirit of Jasper — the heart of the Rockies.

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