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Come back to Banff this spring! Everything seems to be easier in the spring in the Rockies. From the number of layers we wear to the way the days stretch deeper and deeper into the evenings, spring is all about lightness.

In the Canadian Rockies, spring is somewhat unique. After all, it tends to come and go a few times before it finally settles in for good (snowstorms in April and May are to be expected). Locals know to always keep the car scraper and puffy jacket on hand. But when a sweet Banff spring day comes, it's glorious. So, open your windows, let in the fresh air and help us welcome spring!

Here are some of the things we most love


It doesn't take much to get Banff locals out on the patio. Think puffy jackets at 8 degrees Celsius, fleece-gloved hands holding a brew. And is there a better way to do après ski than on a sunny patio, your goggles still hanging around your neck?

Reconnecting with neighbours

In the rush of winter, we're always on the go.There's little time for small chat. But come spring, residential sidewalks take on a festive atmosphere in Banff. Kids goof around in melting puddles, pups play in receding snowbanks and people just take time to catch up. It's the start of the social goodness that the warmer temperatures bring.

A father and son point and look out a window on a sunny day

Eyes to the skies

Those brighter mornings are accompanied by birdsong. Early season birdwatching starts in late March and is best in the Banff townsite, where it's generally warmer earlier. Watch for American Robins near the stables and red-winged blackbirds at Vermillion Lakes. By late April, we've got our eyes out for swallows and sparrows.

First summits

As the temperature rises, the trail up to Banff's 'easiest' summit becomes drier and Tunnel Mountain becomes part of our regular routine. At the top of Sulphur Mountain, the boardwalk trail to Sanson Peak is cleared and dry, with snow-capped peaks stretching all around.

Spring skiing

Most of us in Banff simply live for spring skiing. It's what brought us out here in the first place, and what keeps us here year after year. Soft snow, bright sunshine and big smiles make the months of deep winter seem to float away. Banff ski resorts have one of the longest seasons in the world. Expect to be hitting the slopes through May!

Two skiiers move fast downhill on a sunny day high above a valley

Opening day

We're excited about kicking off the season at Open Top Touring in May. You can expect rich characters, fascinating stories, gorgeous views and photo opportunities at every turn. It’s the perfect way to start your exploration of Banff. See you there!

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