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There are times that deserve a good cocktail. Times like this. Here in the Canadian Rockies, be sure to take a moment to relax. Soak in the majestic view, observe your surroundings. Acknowledge all the steps that had to come together to get you into this incredible place at this perfect time. And raise a glass to it!

Here in Banff and Jasper, we feel a deep appreciation for where we are. We strive to live in the present moment, and to help visitors connect with each other and with the power of this place. At Pursuit, we've teamed up with two of the finest distillers in the area to create custom spirits to recognize these moments of adventure and wonder.

The store front of Eau Claire Distillery

Trailblazer Vodka: The Best of Alberta

Eau Claire Distillery is located in the Foothills of Alberta. Together with Pursuit, they've crafted the brand-new Trailblazer Vodka. Master Distiller Caitlin Quinn says it showcases the best of Alberta to visitors near and far. The flavour profile is crisp and clean with hints of malt and caramel.

Distilled and bottled in Turner Valley, Alberta using Rocky Mountain water and malted barley, it's clean, crisp and delicious, Quinn says. Her work bridges art and science, and is deeply connected to place. For a professional born in Manitoba but raised and trained as both a chemist and distiller in Scotland, living and working on the edge of the Rockies and helping people discover their palates through local ingredients is a profession rich with passion.

"This is a trail-blazing partnership," Quinn says. "Sharing a passion for all things Alberta, I, as well as the whole team at Eau Claire Distillery, were excited to partner with Pursuit in creating a product that weaves in elements of exploration and adventure while celebrating Alberta."

Eau Claire Distillery Caitlin Quinn smiling

Photo: Eau Claire Distillery's Caitlin Quinn

Eau Claire Distillery Vodka Bottle

Adventure Gin: A Local Collaboration

Pursuit has also partnered with Wild Life Distillery, a small and award-winning distiller in Canmore, Alberta.

"We're really selective about who we partner with," says Wild Life's Matthew Widmer. They focus on other organizations based in the Canadian Rockies and ones with a similar passion for the local community and environment.

We've crafted a unique gin inspired by the majestic Rocky Mountains and all the good times that are to be had here. It's called Adventure Gin. Wild Life's Matt Widmer says it has a clean and brilliant flavour profile inspired by the clear mountain water and is a 'first of its kind.'

"One hundred percent of the grain used in the distilling process is sourced from within 2.5 hours of the distillery in Canmore, Alberta," he says. It goes particularly nicely with fresh local juniper berries.

Wildlife Distilling's Matt Widmer

Photo: Wild Life Distillery's Matt Widmer

WildLife Distilling's Gin Label Mockup

Cheers to Adventure in the Rockies

Caitlin Quinn recommends trying Trailblazer Vodka in a cocktail that "showcases the spirit", something that really lets its unique flavour shine through.

"I personally really enjoy it in a Trailblazers Vodka Old Fashioned—it has a little bit of sweetness that highlights the flavour of the vodka really well," Quinn says.

a group of people sample liquor in a tasting room

From the summit of Sulphur Mountain and the edge of an emerald lake to the heart of Banff, everyone can raise a glass to these partnerships and to these places. Sample both of them at restaurants across the Rockies this summer in cocktails including the Mountain Smash (with Adventure gin, cucumber, lemon balm and apple) and the Black Lemonade (Trailblazer vodka, activated charcoal, lemon, maple and himalyan salt). Cheers!

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