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Partnering with Local Craftsmen: A Visit to the Blacksmith Studio

Alberta blacksmith James Greisinger of Stone, Wood and Steel Studio has a background in architecture and design. But he's bringing back the traditional art of blacksmithing.

"Blacksmiths used to be such an integral part of every town," he says. "So much of that has been off-shored and what's left is the artistic aspect of architectural steel." Today, although he can repair golf clubs and camera nuggets, build gates and fix horse shoes, it's his artistry that is gaining attention.

A view across prairie and foothills towards the Rocky Mountains.

A blacksmith stands outside a red barn workshop.

A trip to Greisinger's home, which is also located next to his studio and the farm where his wife grows organic garlic, is an inspiring outing. Views stretch west towards Banff and the Canadian Rockies.

James Greisinger and his family moved to a stunning location outside Millarville, Alberta to set up his studio. And he's been pleased to see a growing demand for his work. "If anything, it's a renassance," he says of his work. "What I do is going to last. It's not cheap, it's not thin. It lasts forever."

"Hand-forging this one really gives tribute to the beautiful creatures that live in our Canadian Rockies, without spilling any blood," Greisinger says.

The piece for the reimagined Mount Royal Hotel is inspired by the traditional buckheads that have long been features in mountain homes, cabins and lodges. "Hand-forging this one really gives tribute to the beautiful creatures that live in our Canadian Rockies, without spilling any blood," Greisinger says.

Jame Greisinger hangs his artwork, a steel-rod deer trophy on a wall.

Photo: James Greisinger hangs his steel trophy head in the Mount Royal Hotel's brand new lobby.

Throughout the entire Mount Royal Hotel project, working with local artists and craftspeople has been a key design vision. Learn more about the outstanding art collection that is showcased within the hotel.

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Shannon Martin

About the Photographer: Originally from Western Australia, Shannon Martin now calls the mountains of Banff, Canada home. His photography career grew from a love of the outdoors, capturing his passions of skiing and mountain biking. Shannon’s freelance photography work covers landscape, portrait, events and sports. Find Shannon on Instagram at @PageTwoTravel.

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