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No Jasper National Park adventure is complete without a journey down Maligne Lake Road.

Nestled between the towering Maligne and Queen Elizabeth mountain ranges, this iconic route features some of the Canadian Rockies’ most spectacular sights and experiences — all just minutes from downtown Jasper. From canyons to caves to cruises, here’s our action-packed itinerary for visitors looking to see it all in one perfect day.


Rise and shine! It’s time to start your adventure with a visit to Maligne Canyon. If you need your caffeine fix, grab a cup of joe in town or hold off until you arrive at Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen.

Armed with coffee, head to the interpretive trail to explore the canyon from above. Venture over dramatic drops and thundering waterfalls on this iconic trek. Take on all six canyon bridges for a three-hour return hike or turn back at the fourth bridge for a more mellow hour-long adventure.

This exercise is sure to make you hungry, so before you embark on the next chapter of the day’s journey, stop back in at the Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen for casual grab-and-go fare paired with beautiful canyon-side views.


Once you’re fueled back up, set out to Maligne Lake. Allow yourself at least an hour of driving time so you can stop along the way at Medicine Lake. The famous “disappearing lake” vanishes and re-appears annually as it drains and then refills from the underground caves. Watch for roadside wildlife in this area — including bears, moose, mountain goats and deer.

If you arrive early, you can do a bit more exploring on the Mary Schäffer Loop and learn about the history of the area. Then, book your tickets for one of two Maligne Lake Cruise tours. Set sail to picturesque Spirit Island aboard the guided 1.5-hour Classic Cruise; or select the Premium Cruise for more time near the island (plus a stop at Pincushion Bay).

Early evening

Once you’ve enjoyed the sights on Maligne Lake, head over to The View, a shoreside dining spot perfect for toasting to your adventure and enjoying some yummy shareables on an incredible patio. Don’t forget to stop at the gift shop for a keepsake to commemorate your Maligne Valley experience.

Begin your journey back to the town of Jasper. Your destination is a little under an hour away, but there’s no need to rush! You’ll be back in time to enjoy a late dinner, a night on the town or a quiet post-adventure evening in.


Tip 1: Heading out early means increased odds of spotting wildlife. Remember to stay in your car during these encounters!

Tip 2: Make sure to fill up your gas tank in Jasper as there are limited opportunities during your exploration.

Tip 3: Hiking in Maligne Valley is very popular. There are many outstanding trails for all levels. Pick up a trail map at Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen or at the Maligne Lake Ticket Office to find the right trek for you.


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