Discover Winter’s Wild Side in Jasper

Nature rules here. Pyramid Lake offers exciting outdoor activities year-round. Whether you're a pro or up for trying something new, we've got what you need for a no-fuss day of winter fun!

Rental and Activity Rates From
Snowshoe Rental$10/hour
Ice Skate Rental$10/hour
Fat Bike Rental$18/hour
Sleigh Rides$30

Winter Wonderland


Explore mountain trails as you delight in crisp Alpine air with a side of awe-inspiring views.

Closed for the season

Fat Biking

Get your heart rate—and adrenaline—up with a fat bike ride through the forest.

Closed for the season

Cross-Country Skiing

Sunny winter days are best spent on skis. Whether you prefer classic or skate skiing, you’ll love Jasper’s trails.

Rentals are not available at Pyramid Lake Resort. We recommend Jasper Source for Sports. 780.852.3654

Ice Skating

Play some hockey or simply glide on the ice with Pyramid Mountain towering in front of you.

Closed for the season

Fat Bike and Cross Country Ski Trails

Pyramid Lake Loop

Travel along the Pyramid Fire Road before dropping into Pyramid Lake. The 2 km loop on the lake has both groomed and flat packed lanes, perfect for all cross-country skiing types and skill levels.
Pyramid Lake Loop is a beginner trail.

Pyramid Fire Road

For the expert and ambitious skier. Gain elevation as you travel this 15 km trail along the shoulder of Pyramid Mountain. Pyramid Fire Road is a moderate trail the first 2 km, difficult the next 3 ½ km, and expert the last 1 km.

Cozy up in a Horse Drawn Carriage

Sleigh Rides

Matched teams of horses, tuned bells, sleighs with comfortable seats and warm throw blankets make for a classic winter experience.

Adults: $30
Youth age 6-16: $15
Children 5 and under are FREE

Call 780.852.7433 to make your reservation

Closed for the season

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