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Comprehensive Safety Program

Brewster professional evaluators are on the road during the busy operational season to monitor safe operating practices. As we believe, safety is everybody's responsibility, we also encourage all Brewster managers to monitor our motorcoaches for safe operating practices.


All public transit vehicles operating in Alberta must be safety certified a minimum of every 6 months. Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation monitors the safe operation and licensing of motor coaches in accordance with provincial and federal legislation. Under this legislation (The National Safety Code) bus carriers must obtain a Safety Fitness Certificate as well as an Alberta Operating Authority Certificate. Brewster Transportation and Charter Bus Services far exceeds those minimum safety standards and copies of our certification are available upon request. But since proactive maintenance is our core value, we have taken further steps to reduce the likelihood of disruption in the comfort and services for our clients. That is why Brewster owns a 6-bay, full service maintenance facility in Banff with additional servicing in Calgary, Jasper and Lake Louise. These centrally located service points allow for a minimum of disruption if equipment does breakdown. In addition to the above, every evening our licensed mechanics ensure that little problems identified by our drivers, such as minor, non-safety related issues (air conditioning, rattles etc.) don’t become major problems. Our standard rule is if it looks like its wearing out it is replaced even before inspection. Our motorcoaches are professionally cleaned, inside and out, so that each day your client travels in comfort.


In Canada & USA, law strictly regulates motor coach drivers’ hours of service. These laws limit the number of hours a driver can drive in a day, the length of a work shift and the number of work hours that they can accumulate over the course of a one or two week period. Police or government transportation enforcement officers can examine the driver’s logbook at any time during a trip. In addition, audits of driver and company records at the bus company’s premises will detect hours of service violations.
Brewster strongly adheres to the hours of service law as stated above.



All Brewster motor coaches are equipped with a 2-way radio system so that they are in constant communication with our dispatchers. This is especially important for operators who travel deep in the Canadian Rockies where cellular service is not always available. To accomplish this Brewster maintains 'base stations' at Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper & Calgary and 'repeater stations' at the Columbia Icefield and False Nicklaus Mountain. Through this unique arrangement we are able at all times to communicate with emergency services should they be required.
Along with our ability to be in constant communication with our motor coaches, each coach has a first aid kit as regulated by the Alberta Traffic Safety Act under the Commercial Bus Inspection, Equipment and Safety Regulation 428/91. In addition to the above, Brewster has enhanced its onboard safety equipment with First Aid blankets and pillows, as well as a CPR respirator.
The Icefields Parkway is one of the most spectacular mountain roadways in the world. This stretch of 230 km (142 mi) highway is one of the icons of the Canadian Rockies but can be isolated for any emergency situations. At Brewster's Columbia Icefield operation we have extensive first aid equipment available, including an automated external defibrillator (A.E.D.). The defibrillator has been successfully used at local ski areas, and at the Columbia Icefield to resuscitate cardiac arrest victims.
In addition to the enhancements that we have made with the above equipment, all motor coaches have been designed with safety features such as: a reinforced structure, courtesy lighting with overhead handrails, emergency exit windows, fire extinguishers and an ABS all-disc break system, just to name a few. Our drivers are trained in the operation of these systems as well as first aid practices.



Brewster's Safety Committee is made up of drivers, mechanics and managers who proactively deal with equipment safety issues, updating the emergency procedure manual, monitoring vehicle maintenance records, licensing and certification.

Proactive Maintenance... Our Core Value

When you say Brewster, our clients and colleagues know that motorcoach reliability is our foremost concern. Since 1919 when we constructed the first "auto tally-ho" our investment in proactive maintenance continues to be strong.

Safety Philosophy... Our Commitment to You

Our promise includes a comprehensive safety program through CPR training, coach certification, first-aid equipment, professional evaluators and hours-of-service regulations to ensure our passengers safety.

Customer Care... Our Number One Priority

Your clients comfort and care is a responsibility that permeates our company at every level.  That's why our safety committee ensures that from the moment a passenger boards our motorcoaches, everything we do is in strict adherence to their safety.

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