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Walter’s Dining Room & Hearthstone Lounge

Walter’s Dining Room & Hearthstone Lounge

Offering two unique Canadian Rockies dining experiences, the Sawridge Inn is a delicious way to begin — and end — every Jasper adventure.

Walter’s Dining Room

Join us at the bright and cozy Walter's Dining Room for an inventive twist on breakfast classics. If you like a sweet start, peruse our Breads and Jars favourites, including the Jonnnycakes topped with berry compote, maple, thyme and cinnamon butter, and the Choco Loco brioche French toast smothered with Nutella, whipped cream and banana. Prefer protein-packed dishes to fuel your action-packed exploration? Go for the smoked-trout Miette Benedict, wild boar hash or one of chef's scrambles.


Walter's Dining Room
Daily: 7 AM – 11:30 AM



Hearthstone Lounge

Post-play, the Hearthstone Lounge is set to welcome you back. Chef's dinner menu features local, mountain-inspired-fare with an Indigenous flair. A salad and the Annisabo (Cree Pea Soup) with Alberta pork belly, corn crumble and bannock, pair well for a lighter meal. If you want something a little more substantial, try the bison and chuck plains burger or birch glaze salmon. Always complete your meal with a sweet — the Alberta honey cake and chef's gelato are consistently rave-worthy choices.


Hearthstone Lounge
Daily: 5 PM – 10 PM



Breads and Jars

Trail Mix Parfait V
Fresh Fruit, Trail Mix, Vanilla Yogurt
Choco Loco V
Brioche French Toast, Banana, Nutella, Whipped Cream
The Saw
Boar Bacon, Fried Free Range Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Multigrain Bagel, Breakfast Rösti
Jonnycakes V
Berry Compote, Maple, Thyme and Cinnamon Butter


2 Free Range Eggs, Local Smoked Sausage, Bacon, Or Canadian Bacon, Fingerling Fries, Toast
Classic Eggs Benedict
Smoked Local Ham, Hollandaise, 2 Free Range Eggs, English Muffin, Fingerling Fries
$2 Supplement for voucher
Miette Benedict GF
Smoked Trout Cake, 2 Free Range Eggs, Spinach, Hollandaise
$2 Supplement for voucher


Choice of whole Egg or Egg Whites, Fingerling Fries, Toast

Denver GFP
Smoked Local Ham, Cheddar Cheese, Green Pepper
BC Fungi V, GFP
Roasted Mushroom, Caramelized Onion, Swiss Cheese
West Coast GFP
Smoked Salmon, Pickled Onion, Spinach, Hollandaise
$3 Supplement for voucher

From the Plains

$4 Supplement for voucher
Comes With 2 Free Range Eggs Any Style, Toast

Wild Boar Hash GFP
Smoked Boar Bacon, Green Onion, Cherry Tomato, Mushroom, Alberta Gouda, Jus
Healthy Hash V, GFP
Bell Peppers, Red Onion, Spinach, Sweet Potato Charred Carrot Emulsion


GF Toast $4
One Egg $3
Smoked Sausage $6
Bagel $3
Sourdough, Multigrain, Rye



Coffee or Tea $3.75
Juice $4

Available After 9 AM

Mimosa 3oz $8
Bailey’s Coffee 1oz $8
Classic Caesar 1oz $10

V: Vegetarian | GF: Gluten Free | GFP: Gluten Free Possible


5 PM – 10 PM

ᐊᐱᐦᒋ ᒣᑭᓯᔮᑲᐣ | Apihci-Mîkisiyâkan | Small Plates

Annisabo (Cree Pea Soup)
Alberta Pork Belly, Corn Crumble, Scallion, Bannock
Smoked Trout Cake GF
Malt Vinegar & Dill Aioli, Lemon, Greens
Breaded Chicken Wings
Jerk, MCWK BBQ, S&P, or Maple Sriracha

ᒫᑎᓇᒫᑐᐊᐧᐠ | Mâtinamâtowak | Shared Plates

An Array of Cured Meats, Cheeses and Local Condiments

ᓂᐦᑖᐃᐧᑭᐦᒋᑲᐣ | Nihtâwikihcikan | Fields

Hearthstone Salad V, GF
Spiced Cauliflower, Field Greens, Dried Blueberry, Goat Cheese, Lemon Honey
Wedge Salad
Boar Bacon, Garlic Gouda Dressing, Orange, Rosemary, Crouton, Iceberg Lettuce ADD Chicken $7

ᐱᓭᐧᐦᑲᓯᑲᐣ | Piswehkasikan | Pizzas

Smoked Brisket, Chipotle Crust, Sylvan Star Gouda, Green Peppers, Pickled Onion
Sour Cream, Bacon, Waffle Potatoes, Caramelized Onions, Cheddar Cheese

ᐃᐧᐦᑯᐦᑐᐃᐧᐣ | Wihkohtowin | Feast

Plains Burger
Bison and Chuck Burger, House Potato Bun, Alberta Gouda, Boar Bacon, Maple Shallot Chutney, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Sawridge Sauce. Served with Fries or Classic Salad
Fish & Chips
Lake Pickerel, “Crisp Pils Batter”, Charred Cabbage Slaw, Herb Remoulade
Hearthstone VE
Butternut Squash, Cavatappi, Maple, Olive Oil, Sage, Sunflower Seeds, Garlic, Red Chili, Micro Greens
BBQ Pork Ribs
MCWK BBQ, Charred Cabbage Slaw, Herb Salad, House Fries
Fireside Chicken GFP, DF
Plains Rubbed Chicken, Three Sisters Stew, Grilled Broccoli, Bannock
Butcher Board GFP, DF
Please ask your server for our nightly selection. Served with House Fries, BC Mushrooms, Rupert’s Whiskey Jus

ᒪᐢᑭᐦᑮᐢ | Maskihkîs | Dessert

Chocolate Fondant
Sponge Toffee, Berry Compote, Vanilla Ice-Cream
Alberta Honey Cake
Whipped Crème Fraîche, Lavender, Fresh Fruit
Raspberry, White Chocolate, Mint
Chef’s Gelato
Sponge Toffee, Berries

V: Vegetarian | GF: Gluten Free | VE: Vegan | GFP: Gluten Free Possible

Kids Menu

5 PM – 9 PM

Served with French Fries or House Salad

Grilled Cheese Sandwich V $10
Crispy Chicken Fingers $10
Beef Burger $10
Grilled Chicken Breast and Chefs Vegetables GF $10


Chocolate Chip Cookies $3


Shaft on Draft 1oz
Park Espresso Vodka, Blackbird cold brew coffee, Alberta Honey Syrup, splash of milk (cow or almond)
Cottonwood Creek Caesar 1.5oz
Eau Claire Dill Pickle Vodka, Clamato, Maple Bacon Salt, Spices
Marmot Mule 2oz
Pursuit Trail Blazers Vodka, Juniper Berry Syrup, Ginger Beer, Lime
Pyramid 75 1.5oz
Eau Claire Prickly Equinox, Lemon, Honey, Prosecco
Joachim Juniper Lime G&T 1oz
Pursuit Adventure Gin, Juniper Berry, Lime, Tonic
Explorer 2oz
Park Glacier Rye, Bruto Americano, Rocky Mountain Icewine

Premium Cocktails from the Can

Fortunella Iced Tea
Effervescent sweet tea, aromas of juniper, mandarin, black tea
Afterglow Gin & Soda
Cucumber, Verbena, Mint, Lemon
Savage Love Tom Collins
Classic lemonade flavour and finish with soft floral notes
Equinox Mule
Eau Claire Prickly Pear Equinox, Annex Ginger Beer, spice, and citrus
Spruceberry Smash
Eau Claire Vodka, juicy raspberries, fragrant spruce, and honey

Beer & Cider

Local Craft from the Tap

Jasper Brewing Co. Trail Session IPA 8
Banff Ave. Brewing Co. Black Pil 8
Banff Ave. Brewing Co. White Wit 8

Local Craft from the Can

Jasper Brewing Co. Trail Session Ipa 8
Jasper Brewing Co. Crisp Pil 8
Banff Ave Brewing Co. White Wit 8
Banff Ave Brewing Co. Black Pil 8
Banff Ave Brewing Co. White Wit 8
Fernie Brewing Co. Sling Shot Ipa 8
Fernie Brewing Co. First Trax Brown Ale 8

Ciders, Sours from and Sans-Alcohol the Can

Folding Mountain Alpine Cranberry Sour 473ml 10
Lonetree Dry Apple Cider 8
Lonetree Ginger Apple Cider 8
Lonetree Pear Apple Cider 8



Pursuit Rocky Mtn Cabernet
Niagara Peninsula, ON
12 17 55
Sandhill Syrah
Kelowna, BC
14 19 65
Quail's Gate Pinot Noir
Niagara, ON
15 20 70
Tinhorn Creek Merlot
Oliver, BC
Nk'Mip "Qwam Qwmt" Cabernet Sauvignon
Osoyoos, BC
Daydreamer Jasper
Naramata Bench, BC


Pursuit Rocky Mtn. Pinot Gris
Niagara Peninsula, ON
12 17 55
Calliope Sauvignon Blanc
Oliver, BC
12 17 55
Vineland Unoaked Chardonnay
Niagara, ON
14 18 56
Red Rooster Riesling
Oliver, BC
15 19 61
Lake Breeze Roussanne
Naramata Bench, BC
Black Hills Estate "Albi"
Oliver, BC

Rosé & Sparkling

Steller’s Jay Brut
Niagara, ON
15   65
Gray Monk Odyssey Rose Brut
Niagara, ON
Pursuit Rocky Mtn. Rose
Niagara Peninsula, ON
12 17 55



1 oz 2 oz
Pursuit Adventure Gin 8 13.60
Hendricks 10 17
Park Alpine Dry 10 17


Pursuit Trail Blazer Vodka 8 13.60
Eau Claire Prickly Pear Equinox 10 17
Belvedere 10 17


Flor De Cana 7yr 8 13.60
Bacardi Spiced 8 13.60
Bacardi White 8 13.60
Bacardi Black 8 13.60


Don Julio Reposado 12 20
El Jimador Blanco 12 20


JW Red    
JW Black    
Glenfarclas 12 YR    
Glenfarclas 15 YR    
Chivas Regal 12 YR    


Rupert’s 8 13.60
Crown Royal 8 13.60
Eau Claire Single Malt 10 17


Jack Daniels 8 13.60
Wild Turkey 8 13.60
Maker’s Mark 10 17
Bulleit 10 17

Looking for more dining options? Check out the menus at this Jasper restaurant:

A chef stands at a kitchen counter.

Meet Executive Chef Jamie Hussey

Executive Chef Jamie Hussey began his culinary career at 17, and by the age of 26, completed his Red Seal certification. He credits his parents for inspiring his path—exploring the art of cooking was always a family affair. This philosophy of building recipes and creating together reflects how Chef Jamie works with his 80-person culinary team. In his role, overseeing food and beverage for Pursuit’s Jasper collection, Chef focuses on strategic development, cuisine concepts and restaurant operations. 

“I love collaborating with this community of culinarians and creating menus that celebrate local and Canadian cuisine,” he says. “We draw inspiration from this incredible place and share a passion for food and creating lasting memories for our guests.”

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